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Board Governance & Alignment.


Core Management Solutions supports Boards, their staff and their stakeholders to work together more effectively and reduce their risk and regulatory exposure.


A recent research study conducted by SACS Australia identified the very different skills needed by board members and chairpersons. These are the same sorts of requirements that are also needed for not-for-profit organizations and other Board like structures, such as Local Government Councils.


Core Management Solutions provides sound support for all of these roles. We provide the following support to both new and existing Boards to make their lives easier and more effective.


Supporting boards, councils and committees with:

  • Best governance practice

  • Assessments & evaluations

  • Gap analysis and problem definition with effective remedies

  • Easy to understand information on effective boards

  • Clear information on duties and responsibilities


General Board Skills:

  • Overview of the function of a Board /Advisory Board /Council/Committee

  • Specific responsibilities and obligations of your entity

  • The basic principles of good governance

  • Identifying the requisite skills and ensuring members have these

  • Protocols for Board behavior – the ‘rules of engagement’ with board and managementIntroduction to understanding financial accounts and the fiduciary responsibility

  • Strategic planning and the role of governance and management

  • What the risks are for Boards and committees

  • How to manage those risks

  • Conflict of interest issues

  • Duties of care & diligence

  • What questions to ask of management

  • Interaction with staff & management

  • Managing the CEO’s; remuneration, KPI’s and succession planning

  • Mentoring and Coaching


Skills specific to Board members:

  • How to ensure effective engagement on the Board

  • How to ensure that key issues are addressed

  • Protocols for engaging management and the chair

  • Asking the right questions

  • Demarcation of board and management


Skills specific to Chairpersons:

  • Managing the Board agenda

  • Good meeting management

  • Facilitation skills

  • Board profiling

  • Board member selection and engagement

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