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Core Management Solutions has developed a number of mentoring programs that provide mentoring that suits your particular organisational needs. We can also provide individual executive mentoring.


There are benefits to both internal and external mentoring.

Internal mentoring can be a great catalyst for senior management sponsorship of identified talent within the organisation.

External mentoring has specific benefits in highlighting the ways of work and dealing with specific internal problems.


The programs provided by Core Management Solutions include:

  • Cross business mentoring.

  • Internal and external programs.

  • Use of internal organisational or external mentors.

  • Individual mentoring and coaching support.

  • Diversity support groups.


Core Management Solutions has developed programs to meet specific needs and the specific program features are:

  • Comprehensive programs that address personal, professional and organisational development to maximize your employee’s contribution.

  • Targeted at the level within the organization that you want to develop.

  • Programs can be developed for all levels within the organisation.

  • Supported by specialized mentors for maximum effectiveness.


Previous programs have identified that our unique combination of professional, organisational, and personal skill development supported by mentoring over a sustained period is truly successful.


Our courses average between 5–10% core competency improvements. We take a goal oriented approach to providing meaningful development programs supported by mentoring which delivers a very powerful learning environment.

Key to our mentoring programs:

  • Goal directed mentoring support throughout the program.

  • Adult learning techniques.

  • Personal insights through the use of Learning Styles, SLTDI, and other specific tools.

  • Understanding of the value of diversity through speaker forums and learning tools.

  • Understanding of teaming and the value of teams.

  • Develop an awareness of the nature of organisations, how they work and how to find ways of working within them.

  • Strong informational support and theoretical frameworks and a structure that provides a variety of modes for accessing information.

  • Tools such as mind-mapping that aid memory, learning and entrepreneurial thinking.

  • ‘Best in class’ facilitators for those rare ‘Aha!’ experiences.

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