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The following are a selection of recent feedback comments from clients.


“Plenty of tips and tricks – lots to take away.  Marion’s presentation style is excellent – warm and lots of useful information.  Pace was excellent – was never bored – stayed focused all day.”


“Importance of relationships.  Lots of interaction which was great”.


“The Board simulation, - I got a tremendous amount from being in the shoes of a person I would normally struggle to deal with” 


“Great environment for sharing and understanding the board role”


“Overall a very good day and using the WIIFT to communicate ideas”


“The WIIFM was good and a follow up program would be great”


“Learning from others was great”


“The board simulation and learning from others was a highlight”


“The Board simulation and being Jane – a very practical way to get the feel of a dysfunctional board and some fantastic tips on what to do”


“The Board simulation was special”


“The Board simulation and insights gained from it”


“Great opportunity to really focus on Board issues, practices and styles”


“Great Presenter – Dynamics of the Board – managing your role more strategically”


“Meeting so many great women and having fun conversations”



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